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Hey, we tried the Spinach Parmesan Risotto and used the Lundberg Wild Rice in place of barley in a homemade soup this last week and the entire family loved them both!

I did find a new chocolate cake mix at Meijer this last week as well. It is put out by Bob’s Red Mill and I will let you know how it bakes up because if it is good, which I have every confidence that it will be, it is about HALF the cost of the chocolate cake I’ve used the last 4 or 5 years. I’m anxious to try it just to save the money. Eating gluten free feels a lot better to the gut but not necessarily to the pocketbook as we all know.

I did notice, but didn’t take the opportunity to read yet(sigh), the article in RD that mentions Celiac Disease as a reason for stomach troubles. It is great to see CD coming more and more to the forefront of the minds of those who can help and being suggested as a possible resolution once identified.

Thanks again, Kim, for all of the great samples you handed out. I have seen several of the products on the shelves since we picked those up and it is great to now know for sure that some items that aren’t shelved specifically in the GF section are indeed gluten free!

I’m looking forwad to the next meeting on the 17th and hoping to see everyone out for the guest speaker and getting ready for the Christmas rush. See you all there!