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October is Celiac Disease Awareness Month

This has been valid since 2007 in Michigan, but many other states have also followed suit.  I thought it might be a good reminder to everyone to spread the word.  Sharing the month with Breast Cancer Awareness, Celiac kind of gets left in the background, but you can help spread the word!

Here is the original legislation, as written on the official Michigan Government website:

Whereas, Celiac Disease, also known as Celiac Sprue, is an inherited auto-immune disorder that affects as many as one in every 130 Americans, or approximately 67,000 Michiganians, of which only 13,000 are currently diagnosed; and,

Whereas, Celiac Disease, a reaction to the ingestion of protein fractions found in wheat, barley, rye, oats and their derivatives, damages the lining of the small intestine preventing the proper absorption of nutrients into the body; and,

Whereas, Some of the symptoms of Celiac Disease include chronic ill health, infertility, fatigue, anemia, gastrointestinal distress, other auto-immune diseases, increased risk of malignancy, and osteoporosis; and,

Whereas, The disease was first described in the second century as wasting disease, and the factors of it were not described in medical records until the 20th century; and,

Whereas, In the past, Celiac Disease was a diagnostic puzzle as it covers a wide spectrum of physical, neurological, and immunological conditions that mimic many other diseases, but it can now be easily diagnosed with a blood test; and,

Whereas, The Celiac Sprue Association/USA and its more than 100 affiliate support groups have made tremendous strides in reducing health care costs and patient suffering by raising public awareness and striving for early diagnosis; and now therefore be it

Resolved, That I, Jennifer M. Granholm, Governor of the State of Michigan, do hereby proclaim October 2007 as Celiac Disease Awareness Month.